Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Big One, Elise!

One by one, the babies are all reaching their big ONE birthdays. It's amazing how quickly time flies. Can it be that Leah's Big One is not so far from today? Big CONGRATS to Elise!

That lady in the background with the purple hair? She's a clown. She has a partner with red hair. They paint faces and blow little balloon characters and I am booking them for Leah's first birthday. However, they cost a bundle. A large bundle. I'm in the wrong business. If I didn't dislike clowns so much, I would consider putting on a purple wig with lots of glitter on my face. Okay, I wouldn't, but they make a killing if anyone else is interested in a new career.

I am officially convinced that baby's first birthday celebrations are just a form of torture for the newly turned one year olds. Look at her! Does she look even remotely happy to you?!

That below is purple-head clown's partner. She's busy blowing Leah a balloon flower. I don't know what that expression is on my face. Why do I always have some stupid look on my face in photos? I wanted to get my face painted, but I was afraid jellybean would start bawling at first glance so I held back from joining the line with all the other kids the length of my leg and smaller/shorter... In hindsight, I think I saved myself some embarassment.

She truly had a ball with the flower balloon. I was so afraid she'd bite into it and scare herself, I murdered it when we got home.

Again with the strange look... I never really thought of it in the past, but lately, I really hate how I come out in photos. It captures the most ridiculous of expressions. Or I just look so tired, it bugs me.

This is Ryan. His Big One is up next at the end of this month! Yay!


"I'm bored, mommy"

And then it was time to go home.

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