Thursday, June 9, 2011

One Lonely Career

While there is nothing I love more than this girl

Being a mother to her is by far the most difficult, trying and loneliest career I have ever held. It has also been the most rewarding and I am well aware that it doesn't get easier with time. If anything, I am probably looking at more difficult times ahead and while I still wouldn't trade any part of this - sometimes I would really like a tall glass of wine first thing in the morning to replace that cold cup of coffee I didn't get to drink and just bang my head on the wall. Repeatedly. The terrible twos. Here they come. Giddy up! - Posted using BlogPress


  1. Though I am a working mom, I kind of know what you mean because I still have a lot of friends who don't have children. They're awesome and they will have kids in their own time, but sometimes I just don't feel like they really *get* how hard it can be. Fun? Yes. But very very hard. There's a loneliness in that.

    Also...on the terrible twos - is it possible for a 10 month old to have gotten a jump start on that? He's recently started throwing what can only be described as temper tantrums. Wow. This is going to

    Glad you see you posting again! Missed you!

  2. @The New Mom on the Blog It's true. Working or at home, if your friends aren't where you are, you can't help but feel a bit (if not a lot) disconnected and it does leave some kind of a gap even if you wouldn't change anything because you know, what would we be without the kiddies, right?

    The terrible two part, I would totally believe it if you said TIH hit the mark at 10 months. I think I felt it when the Bean was about 12 months. It then passed, and apparently, returned because O.M.G. love her as I may, I am fricking drained.

    I go back and forth on this blogging business, but for now, yay =)