Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Day

When all seems wrong in the world, this face alone fixes just about everything.

Even when everything is right in the world, that face kills me. One day I will ask her to make her "piggy face" and she will roll her eyes at me. One day I will ask her for a kiss and she will tell me to stop embarrassing her. One day she won't need my help to put on her socks and shoes and she won't need my help to get dressed. One day I will look at my little baby and realize she isn't a baby anymore. I will look back one day and wonder where all the time went. Until then, however, I will have that face etched into my heart and mind and to me at least, she will always be my baby. I think I now know how my mother feels every time she gets that look in her eyes as she watches me watching my daughter. - Posted using BlogPress


  1. I got all misty eyed.
    I love watching my baby grow, but when I think about him not being the cuddly little guy that he is right now, it makes my heart ache.

    Seriously, I should have worn waterproof eye makeup today!

  2. @The New Mom on the Blog it hits me at the most random times.... :(