Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pool Not Party

I, the mommy, thought it was a great idea to take the Munch to the pool. It was hot, sunny and just an all around perfect pool weather. And the Bean loves water. From bathing to showering to anything water related, she loves. She loved swimming classes so why wouldn't she love the pool??? We get there and child wants to have nothing to do with the water. Maybe because it's cold and she, being the princess, is used to the indoor heated pools. Who knows... So we went to the pool - to sit in the shade, under an umbrella, which we could've done at a park. For free.

The Bean in protest.

Much happier at the food court

Happier still to just be sitting around in her bathing suit. Not swimming. Oh and she peed on me to make sure she got her point all the way across. Damn swimmer diapers. She didn't even really need to be wearing one considering... - Posted using BlogPress

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