Monday, July 4, 2011

Brain, Where Are You?

So I lost two credit cards. In two days. Consecutive two days. Yesterday I had lunch, paid, signed, went to the park came home missing one credit card. Today I went to the park, got a tank full of gas from a station something like 4 blocks away from home and lost that one. Seriously??! I need help finding what's left of my brain because I am in danger of growing stupid. But then, there is this so if growing stupid is what it takes, well, I can live with being a happy stupid person. I guess.

Oh wait, did I mention I allowed my baby to run amok at the park today and she fell on the concrete pavement... ON HER FACE? Yeah, I think my heart broke into a million pieces. End result?

I know that kids get hurt. They run, they play, they fall and in moments the hurt is forgotten about, and while I know there was nothing I could possibly have done in the moment as I stood steps behind watching her fall in near slow motion, I hated myself for being unable to stop it from happening. It's hard watching your child hurt. Whether it's a scrape or cut or just something as small as bumping into a wall from the lack of balance at this age and I wonder how my heart will survive the bigger ouchies in life she will have to endure from the not so serious to the serious. I need to build a bubble. A really, really big one. - Posted using BlogPress


  1. Oh my gosh, those pics of her in the dress - so PRETTY!

    I like the look she's giving you in the "boo boo" pic. It's like she's shaking the sippy cup of judgment at you.

    TIH has bruises ALL over his little baby legs because he prefers to walk/crawl over stuff rather than around it. I always worry that people will think I'm beating the poor child when really I'm just trying to let him be a kid.

    So, don't hate on yourself too much. You're just being a good mama and letting her have a GREAT time.

  2. @The New Mom on the Blog her face looks so sad... Haha. She doesn't seem to mind it one bit.