Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Over the weekend, Beanie felt the need to bathe my phone. Maybe it looked dirty to her. I should've taken a photo of it, but I was too shocked and rushed to save a phone that was probably not going to make it anyway and well, my phone is really what I use as a camera on a daily basis for things like this. It's fried. I didn't even have the heart to yell at her. She thought the phone was dirty. I mean really, what can you possibly do? So I took away the cup of water, dried up my phone in a bowl full of rice because I heard somewhere it soaks up the water that remains in the device, took a long deep sigh, sat down beside her and we ate yogurt with cheerios for breakfast. If I called you some time today, please understand that it's on voice control by itself so it turns on or calls whatever it thinks it's hearing. I get in about 3 text messages before it shuts off and reboots itself. Jen, I think it was something like 6am your time when I left you a voicemail of the TV talking in the background. I didn't know my phone was calling random people down my list. Whoops! I'd post up a photo, but I have nothing to retract any new photos from at the moment. This will just have to hold you over until my new phone comes in. Which by the way is supposed to be here tomorrow except noone will be here to sign for it. Cheers to all the toddler handlers out there! BIG. FAT. SIGH. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


  1. Lol oh, Leah. She's such a clean baby! Sorry about your phone, though...

  2. It's okay. I got a replacement. Sigh~