Friday, January 27, 2012

Writer's Block?

That's what I called it when one of my best buds asked why I haven't been updating as often? Anyone who knows me knows that I love to write. I'm not particularly good at it. It's just something I've always enjoyed. Anyway, to his question I responded that I had writer's block. He advised me to go back to the beginning to read some of my earlier posts. As I did, I realized the point he was making. It's not writer's block because most of the things written were of the feelings I had in the moment, my experiences as a first time mom, the trials, the hardships, but also the near perfect moments of being a mommy so I promised I'd try to start it up again. Truth is, it's been a rough year and a half. Writer's block may have been part of it, but it was also that there were and are a lot of things I wasn't quite ready to share with not just what went up publicly, but with anyone at all - including my closest friends. And in my attempt to "hide" parts of my life - I stopped writing about my days entirely. Well, I'm back. This was started as a way to reflect back as a new mommy and I'm still learning which means I should still have a life to write about. I'll start. Uhm. Tomorrow.

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