Monday, December 3, 2012

Crappy Parent Award

Goes to.... (Drum roll please!).... Yours truly.

My Bean is getting bigger. By bigger I mean smarter. By smarter I mean feistier and opinionated and she tests me to limits beyond limits, but I make no excuses. I don't always have the patience I should. I don't always speak kindly, my tone with her rises frequently now and too often I forget that this month marks her 3 years, and I at times expect more from her than I have a right to expect from a baby. I talk about how much she understands, knows, thinks, because I watch her blooming but she is still only a baby. My fears arise from the fact that I am the only disciplinarian. She gets babied by everyone else and I had almost felt that it was becoming "baby demands; baby gets" and I don't have the kind of self clearance to be okay with it. I also remind myself constantly that there has to be more than tough love to reign in the whining and tantrums and my "how to make a perfect parent" manual failed at preparing me for such things. I will be better. I will always try.

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