Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Be Careful, Mama!

I went to buybuybaby today for Leah's first full sized stroller. Yay! She has a new ride. Bumbleride Flyer! I love it. It's the lightest full-sized stroller at 19lbs and the handlebar is switchable so she can face outwards or face me.

Anyway, the story behind buying this stroller is something not so yay. Back to strolling around buybuybaby. This woman walks up to us, takes one look at Leah and goes "She's a fat baby! Oh, she's fat!". Then almost as an afterthought which annoyed me beyond belief was "I love fat babies". In my head I was saying "probably because you're so fat" or something to that effect and I could have sworn it was in my mind, but then she gives me the nastiest glare, and now I can't figure out if I may have actually said it out loud?!? I'm not really one to do/say something like that. It's true that I'm blunt and direct, but I do not have outbursts like that with strangers. Who DOES that??? I basically scampered off, mortified to say the least, and walked to the opposite end of the store. Everytime I thought I caught a glimpse of fat lady, I'd move the other way. It took forever getting out of that store with all the things that I needed while trying avoid the woman I just royally insulted. Oy. Maybe it's the antibiotics and the painkillers. I think I'm losing it. I obviously am not well.

On more important news, my Leah is officially in size 2 dipeys. She's getting so big! She's passed all the cereal tasting and she's currently eating peas. She does not like them one bit, but it's hilarious because she'll eat it. She'll cry and yell the whole time, but still she eats them. I don't think she knows to spit it back out? Poor baby. I don't feed her anything I, myself, haven't tasted first, and I have to agree with Squirmy. If someone tried feeding me that gunk, I would be crying and yelling too. I don't think I'm going to torture her too much with the peas. I think we'll be trying carrots tomorrow.

This is her, "oh gross" face: 

And, this is her favorite trick these days:
(The good pictures are always caught on a crappy camera phone)


  1. I am shocked! Did you really?! I guess.. the strangers with too much to say finally got to you~

    Love the stroller!

  2. stupid peoples! make ME the bad person! eeck