Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun Days

As she gets bigger, she gets a little more demanding, but it's still fun times. She laughs and giggles, she rolls and spins, she can roll over on her belly and yell at me because she can't roll herself back. She sleeps with her feet sticking out of the crib rails and wakes up where her feet were when I put her down or does faceplants in her sleep and makes me crazy by sleeping face down. She eats baby cereal and wears a lot of it too. Eats peas and carrots and babbles and leaves an unbelievable amount of laundry for me at the end of everyday. There is no mistaking her for a boy where her personality is concerned. She cries when something scares her, she coos softly, she shrieks when she gets upset, doesn't like crowds, loud noises and smiles with her eyes. Everyday there is something new.

I bought her a bumbo chair. It supposedly teaches her how to sit, but she's not really buying it...:

That's her "huh??" face. I see it throughout the day any time she is unfamiliar with something I do or make her do:

Look what Jean eemo bought! It's apparently a head piece with pigtails on them.......:


  1. OMG Leah is too cute in that bumbo chair!!! ahhaha i miss you leah!

  2. Omg! How did I fail to miss this post!!! That look is priceless!!