Friday, February 4, 2011


It is a great place to deplete some of the overflowing energy in a kid, but oh schmoly... Germs germs germs and more germs. Gymboree, admittedly, is a really cool place for kids to play, climb, socialize, eat dirt off the floor kinda place - especially during the winter months when both parent and child are bouncing off the walls, but there has not been a time that she's woken up without a runny nose after spending some time there. Eh, whatcha gonna do? Builds immunity, right? We have an actual "class" every Tuesday, but every day of the week, different times each day, they have what is called "free gym time" (I assure you, it is not really free - we pay good, hard earned money to be enrolled). It is just a big indoor play park for kiddies. A tad pricey for membership if you ask me, but if you take advantage of their *not* free gym time, I think it's worth the cost. She is super happy there. That alone makes it worth the pennies. Even if it means I'm itching - literally - for her bath as soon as we walk in the door.
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