Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poopies and Toys

I am sure you think one doesn't have much to do with the other, but it does, so bear with me. The Jellybean has not poopied properly in over a month until yesterday and I'm almost positive it is one of those things that only a mommy can get super excited over, and boy was I when she finally did. It (poopie blockage) started when I transitioned her to whole milk per pediatrician's orders once she hit her 12 month mark. I was really happy about it because whole milk is SO much cheaper than formula. But to make up for some in-between vitamin deficiencies on days she hasn't had as much to eat, I was told I can use the next step formula which was still cheaper than regular infant formula and it was lasting longer by volume so that was good and dandy. Then she stopped pooping. Day one, two, three and then by the fourth day she was pooping bloody pellets as if she were a sick rabbit, if she went at all. January, pediatrician says there will be an adjustment to wait out her poopie blockage and see what happens. So what happens? She poops pellets for over 4 weeks. I call him again about 2 weeks ago, he tells me to get her back on formula to reset her system. During this time, she is also eating real people food. And what I mean by real people food is, she is literally eating her meals off whatever is on my plate. Anyway, her system never resets. We went in for her shots and blood draw yesterday and she is back on formula and baby food instead of table food. The first 3 months of her life was a whirlwind of buying/replacing/experimenting/failing/repeating all of the above from bottles to diapers to proper gears, breast milk storage crap (it really was just crap because as my friend would say, I breastfed for all of five minutes) to formula, breast pads, pacifiers and I cannot even begin to list it all out by memory. I just know that the Mister Husband was going on Babies R Us runs every day. From 3-8 months, we got the feeding part down, but then came the gear issues and finding the proper chair, stroller, toys, teethers, baby food when she started solids, clothes and a buttload of other stuff. We got that under control, barely, and it seemed like we were back to being okay with our baby-needs splurging episodes. Our one kid is a fund depleter (how do poor people have kids???). I quickly settled into the satisfying thought that since her one year mark was quickly approaching, our spending would again be reduced because we wouldn't need the food and formula because she can just eat our stuff and that was the bulk of it. That, and if I potty trained her early, she wouldn't even need diapers soon. And toys? I stopped buying them because she was happier playing with spoons and tupperware. Right? Right? Right to all of it? Nope. She's back on formula. She is strictly back on pulverized, easy to digest, foods which means minimal table food. She isn't potty trained yet much to my dismay - and it didn't occur to me when I bought her the potty that we have no gates at the top of the stairs leading to the bathroom to prevent her from rolling down one or both flights of stairs. The entire living area is blocked to prevent that, but that would mean I can only use the potty downstairs which I'm okay with, but once she gets the hang of that and needs to potty in the middle of the night, the stairs are wide open for her to take a plunge. So we need now a gate to put at the top of the staircase, more baby food and stuff to make it with if I so chose and formula (bless's subscribe and save option) and toys because we went over to play with Brian today and I felt like such a mommy jerk. She doesn't have any interactive toys because mommy limited Jellybean to ziploc tupperware pieces and hand me down walkers that she doesn't even bother with because she walks on her own. The toys she does currently have are for babies younger than she is but I didn't give it much thought because she doesn't play with them, but duh mommy! She doesn't play with them because she's only had them forever! It is true that kids tire of toys very, VERY, quickly, but is it fair to deprive her of them (good gracious, they're expensive!!!)? Bad mommy. Ah, the splurging begins yet again (sorry Mister Husband - should I drive a cab during nights since, clearly, I am not sleeping anyway?). At least we got the wardrobe thing down since Auntie Michelle is a little crazy in that department and we get new clothes from her weekly. And why poopies and toys have something in common? THEY ALL COST SO MUCH FRIGGIN' MONEY! Yes, it has something to do with that I am anal about certain things such as what type of gear I want to use for the Jellybean, what type of food/snacks, the type of bottles and also the cost of convenience for a lot of things I do use on a daily basis, but all in all, HOLY MACKEREL! This is her "mean mommy!" face (a poor quality one at that)

Okay, rant over. Gahhh, I'm pooped.
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  1. I love the comment "How do poor people have kids?" because I wonder the same thing all the time. My husband and I are, by no means, "rolling in it" but it's no big deal for us to buy diapers, breast feeding supplies, medications, the occasional new toy/teether, etc. I always wonder how some people do it - especially for formula because I know the price can be outrageous (our next door neighbors with twins estimated $400.00 a month!!!)

    It's unreal how one little body can need SO much...crap!

  2. @The New Mom on the Blog It's true. I don't know how that works. Like you say, we're not by any means "rolling in it" either, but we're comfortable and that's great, but GEEZ!