Friday, August 12, 2011


Know what that ugly thing on my forehead the size of a coin is? Do you? Guess? It's a mosquito bite. Do you see it? It doesn't even look half as bad on camera. I wear sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts at the park in any hundred degree weather and I make sure I'm in jeans and anything that covers most of my skin because so long as I am around, I am everyone else's insect repellent. So where do they target? My. Fricking. Forehead. All along my cheeks too, but my forehead! The little sh*ts! Do you know how much self control it takes to not scratch something so ginormous because it only makes the thing grow from nickel size to a quarter size? I've got bites everywhere and scars as a result. I thought being bitten on my feet was the worst. Let's face it, you look beyond ridiculous scratching away non-stop at your feet in public, and it's near impossible to walk and scratch your feet at the same time, but the forehead? Jeebus! Worst ever, I swear. I look like a moron, first of all, because it actually looks like something you would end up with after having walked into a wall or a doorknob, but what really makes it worse is that for every time I put my finger on it, it grows exponentially in size... Help. Me. They have no purpose. These blood sucking little craps with wings have no purpose in life yet they terrorize me daily no matter where I am! I learned something new about myself today. Having a mosquito bite on my forehead makes me super irritable and cranky.


  1. OUCH! That is the biggest bug bite I have ever seen!

  2. @The New Mom on the Blog It so very much falls in the top half of the "most annoying" list. Sigh~