Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I used to eat. I mean the technical term my friend L uses is "food food". Not just food. I ate as much, if not more at times, than the dudes I knew. Since I've had the Bean, however, I'm lucky if I eat breakfast or lunch, and if I remember to eat, it's whatever is available in the moment and it doesn't even have to taste much like anything so long as it's edible. Today, my meal of choice for the morning is dry cheerios. Oh how I miss the days of slabs of pork, mounds of lasagna, and loaded pizza pies. I'm lucky to scarf down a slice, never mind the half a pie I used to do and it sounds disgusting but goodness, it was so fun. I have officially resigned as a foodie. Now I've got the Bean - she's much tastier anyway.

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  1. I often find myself eating a couple of Cheerios or puffs straight out of the package while TIH is eating them and I realize I haven't had lunch.

    I love food also. Love it. Food and I haven't broken up yet, but it's coming. I can just tell.