Sunday, August 7, 2011


Friend of a friend at a bar while celebrating a birthday: "You're a mom? [insert condescending look]". Yes, I am a mom. First and foremost, I am always a mom. I wake with my daughter from 6-7 in the morning until she's down for the night 13 hours later. I play, feed, console with hugs and drown her in kisses everyday, all day. I change diapers all day and bathe my baby daily and she is loved beyond belief. She is and will remain my main, if not often, my only number one priority. It is when she is asleep I allow myself a little time and space to simply be. Just because someone is a parent doesn't mean they are not allowed to be anything else but a parent and it certainly doesn't mean they are not allowed to let loose with a drink or two to celebrate birthdays or to celebrate nothing at all. I am not drinking myself to oblivion. It is not even possible because I know I come home to her and that means I don't even get to fully unwind. I am just taking off the edge from the pressures of what my every day life is like that you know nothing about. Noone gets to judge me and yet, they do. I'm okay with that, but the look? Oh, the look. I suppose I can't blame them, but you see, on 2-3 hours of sleep, I come home and the first thing I do is make sure in my post-buzzed exhausted self-inflicted state that she's sleeping in a dry diaper, I don't crawl into bed until I am certain I have everything she needs the minute she wakes up and I am awake with her on bare minimum sleep running and chasing after her, playing with her, and loving every minute of it. I do feel the need to explain myself. To those who do not know me well enough and even to those who do, it matters to me that they are aware of how important my daughter is to me and not a single day goes by without my doing everything in my power to be the best mom to her. Maybe not to any other kid or by anyone else's standard but I do know I am the best mommy to her and for her because noone in this world loves my kid more than I do. So suck back in your looks. You know nothing. This is my life. SHE is my life and if you don't have one, you don't know where I am coming from. She's one of the happiest babies I know which tells me, despite your crap look in which you view me, I'm doing exactly what I should be and it's not a piss poor job just because mommy needs some mommy time too.

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  1. You ARE a very good mother. I hope will be able to be half as good... when the time comes.

  2. I adore the 2nd to last pic of her! I haven't seen her in so long! I want to see please :)