Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Tis the Season

Now I get it - it's eye candy season. Guys live for the warm weather where they can enjoy the sun and the women during their breaks spending it drooling publicly. There is an acting/drama school right by my workplace with girls wearing what I am not sure I would even wear to sleep. I'm so tempted to take pics of them some days but how weird would it be to stand in the middle of the street stalling to pull out my iPhone and start snapping away at other women's legs and half their asses I see sticking out from their 5 inch skirts? Note to my beanie, if you so much as leave the house ever with shorts and skirts that short EVER - I will shred them to strips and use them to tie you up in your room where you will be home schooled until grad school is completed. For now however, you're as cute to me as a button running around in your pampers. Hopefully the days you fight me on appropriate apparel will not come too soon. Stay my baby a little while longer, yea?

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