Sunday, March 4, 2012

Outlet Adventure

So we - okay, I - think it's a great idea to take the late afternoon to hit the outlet. It is about an hour's drive. The shopping thing, by the way, isn't the greatest idea with a toddler but whatever - I don't learn because I do it all the time and I say the same thing every time - "what was I thinking!?". On the drive back, and this is of course as soon as I hit the highway, she starts crying "Mommy ouch. Mommy ouch". All mommies know when their kiddies are faking it because they don't want to be stuck in their seat and when something is really bothering them. This is the real kind but I am on a highway with a really narrow shoulder that I am not about to pull over onto. She starts to cry her big fat tears. I pull over once the shoulder starts to open up further into a ditch-y kind of area so as not to risk oncoming traffic pummeling into us, turn on all the lights in the car so other cars can see that I'm pulled over, crawl around to her side and get her out. The button of her pants is digging into her belly so I pull off her pants and off comes her diaper along with it. That is the moment she decides she needs to pee out the two full cups of water she drank during our outdoor shopping adventure. All over everything. Herself. Her clothes. Me. My floor. I stick on a dry diaper and she comes home with no pants on because I am not about to get out of the car in the middle of the highway to dig around in my trunk for a pair. That was our weekend adventure. How was your weekend?
Here are some totally unrelated photos. I would have taken the time to pull out my phone for the camera but I was far too concerned about the oncoming traffic and the pee to think of it.

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