Wednesday, February 29, 2012


She says a lot of funny things now. Most of it doesn't make a whole lot of sense except probably to her. My favorite is "help you". She confuses "me" and "you". So she'll try to put her shoes on and when she can't she'll pout, look over at me and say "Mommy? Help you?" or like this morning I'm getting dressed while she's trying to put her hat on. It keeps flipping inside out so she gets mad and starts crying, comes over to me to be picked up and cries "Help you mommy? Hat!". This little girl kills me. Oh motherhood. Being a toddler, I realize, is just as rough, maybe more so - than motherhood to a toddler is. It's all momentary, however, and when the fits are over and kissed all better - there's always this that makes up for it. You'll get your shoes on right one day, baby. Your hat too. Don't you worry.

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