Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lessons Learned from a Child

There really are some mornings when getting out the door that she truly tries my last inch of patience and it becomes one of those "OMG I hate mornings like this". I used to feel that mornings like this set the tone for the rest of the day where I remain in a sour mood. As she and I both get older, however, I'm learning that it doesn't necessarily have to be so. Children have a very short attention capacity so while she may be caught in the storm of one of her fits, she also let's go and forgives easily. While it is true that parents teach their little ones the rules of life, it's the little ones with the real lessons to teach. To let be sometimes, let go, love easy, smile, sing, and forgive easy because some things aren't worth ruining an entire day for because once the day is over, we never get it back. Yes, we walked out of the house in tears. Yes, mommy was scowling and baby had tears streaming down her face, but at drop off it was still "I love you - I love you too - see you later baby - bye mommy" and I am on the way to work lighter and with a spring in my step. My two year old is my greatest teacher.

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