Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It is something I think many parents find difficult to balance. Okay, maybe just the ones like me because I know there are moms who seem to have their crap put together just so even if they don't in truth, but heck, I can't even make it seem that way. Anyway - sometimes it's just that box of juice or piece of candy to pacify your pouty toddler. Sometimes it's because you see how happy they are for it. While you read in thousands of parenting books that tell you, you shouldn't - sometimes it is simply to bribe them in the moment because you just cannot fathom one more throw down with your kid because that would make it your 34th throw down of the day. She is getting to a very trying age, where she pushes and pulls and tests and gets tantrummy and bratty. Thankfully not as often as I expected or have seen. When it's happening - there are many times where I find myself stumped as to how I should be handling it. Now for the most part, she's good. She does listen more often than she doesn't, she's also in kind a very happy, content child by nature. Perhaps that's what makes her meltdowns more difficult for me. She doesn't have them often, the fighting and crying spells but man - when she does it's literally a throw down. With a 2 year old. And more honestly sometimes just bribing her with a yogurt juice or a gummy bear saves me a little of my sanity but I know it's the wrong tone to follow regularly and that I really shouldn't be doing it at all. I know I've mentioned this often in the past but these little creatures need to come with how-to-for-dummies manual for moms like myself.

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