Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh Shut It, Please.

I love how people who don't live a day in my life love to preach to me what kind of day I should be having and/or what I should and shouldn't be doing with my baby. My husband from time to time will do it. The "that's too much for her", "should you be letting her (fill in the blank)", "you can't do (fill in the blank)" but you know, he's her father. To be fair, I am with her 24 hours of my everyday. I do have my own rhythm going on. In fact, I do know exactly the portion to give her to eat, I do let her do things that maybe you wouldn't - like eat off the floor because I make sure to keep my floors as clean as they will get and think it's okay to not live in a bubble, I let her play with a paper towel while I'm watching her to make sure she doesn't eat it because she has fun with it, I may give her things to play with that you wouldn't because I don't see the harm in it, but sometimes he wonders as a dad and that's okay (mostly) because he's her father. But let's talk about those people who aren't me or him. How do you know how much she should or shouldn't be eating? How do you know what she can and cannot eat? How do you know she's allergic to it? How do you know my floors haven't been washed for a month? How do you know I don't wipe her toys down everyday? How do you know that the paper towel I gave her is a dirty one and it's going to give her rashes (I, by the way, have never even heard of that)? Gee, you must be super smart. How did you get to be so smart? When you have your kid, I hope you can tell me how you keep your entire house sterile all of the time so that nothing your child ever touches is tainted with *GASP!* germs. =) Just to be clear, I don't wear my shoes in the house, my floors are vacuumed, mopped THEN steamed at least once if not more times on any given day so PLLLL to that.

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