Thursday, November 11, 2010

Part 2 Update

Okay, so all day I bordered against "no" until I started looking it up again (thanks, Google) and after many many many many calls to find what seemed like the right place (I say "right" place because realistically, you can take your child anywhere to get it done), I finally got somewhere with a children and baby friendly "shop". Options were along the lines of Claire's or Piercing Pagoda, where let's face it, those mall type of places just cannot be very... sanitary (at least that's how I feel). Next up were tattoo parlors and while they're an excellent choice for adults who want their ears pierced because they have the proper tools and training to do it, I wasn't about to walk into a tattoo parlor to have my 10 month old daughter's ears pierced. My first choice was to go to a pediatrician, and while I've spoken with several doctors who do this regularly, it was a service available only to their existing patients. If I so chose, I could have changed pediatricians, but I wouldn't change Leah's pediatrician because someone else pierced infant's ears. That just wasn't a good enough reason for me. So finally, after all night of debating and doubting, I spent all morning telling myself to forget about it. About her last naptime, I again changed my mind once more and of course, that's when I stumble onto a search (thanks, Google again) that shows a "baby friendly parlor" in Port Washington. I set up an appointment for a consultation because I'm not sure what to expect. What a shock, it really is a kiddy shop. There are cars and bucket looking toy things they use for seats to cut kids' hair, they have a back room they use for parties with toys, lights, music, the works. And can I tell you what a superstar Leah was? The first pierce, she didn't even bat an eyelash. It popped in, she just looked up at me as if to say "hey, what'd she do that for?" And the second one she cried because she was getting mad that I was holding her head down and not giving her the bottle she saw me holding. I felt like my head had a heartbeat I was so scared. But this one? She was crying because I wasn't letting her eat. Go figure. So today she reached 4 milestones. She cut through her 6th tooth, she got her first haircut, got her ears pierced (which by the way were package sealed individually, sterile, in what looks similar to surgeons' instruments and even got a fun little certificate for it!), and learned to work the Poland Spring cooler... (that hairstyle? Yeah, she'll never have her hair done that way by me, but I thought it was too funny not to share).
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  1. OMG!! love her new haircut!!! where is this place? nice earrings Leah~~

  2. I didn't know you got her ear pierced!! Only if she was awake for me to see it... (yes, I am sitting here on your IPad writing this.. as I stare at her on the video-thing... and YES, SHE IS DOING JUST FINE!

  3. hahah! I forgot that I wasn't signed in when typing the above msg.. oops!