Thursday, February 23, 2012


Don't ever let anyone tell you that adults know best or that they know better or that they know what they're doing. Most of the time, I'm near certain we know less than you do. I think you are much more sure of how things should be than any grown person I know. You're still so small yet so big. You're dependent and you're not. You're full of fire, but so easy to love. You are a lot of things, baby, but most of all, you're perfect for me. Life is full of colors and messes - just like finger painting. Sometimes all the colors blend to form that perfect shade and other times, it just creates a big glob of mess. Like paint, nothing is set in stone, and until you find that perfect shade, in that perfect shape you want, all you can do is keep trying for it. Perhaps you'll make it. Perhaps it'll be a few shades off. As long as you've given it your best, it'll be beautiful. It's so easy to say this to you because all I picture for you are the greatest things in life in all its glorious colors - but should there come a time that not everything looks as though they fit, please try to believe that eventually they will come together. It's about faith baby. That things somehow work. Even when it doesn't immediately feel that way. Mommy isn't so good at it but we'll work on that, right? So remember that the next time it feels like your little world is coming apart on the way home in the backseat of mommy's car because I didn't give you the piece of candy I didn't have, okay? I love you to pieces, munchkin. Tantrums, giggles and all (though, tuning the tantrum part down while mommy's driving would be super appreciated).

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