Sunday, June 3, 2012


Some days:

Maybe it's the notion that I'm supposed to be, or that I have to be, that makes me feel like smiling even if really, I'm not up to it. Sometimes - before I know it, I'm really smiling and I mean it even if it didn't start out that way. There, of course, are days that I do and my heart isn't at all feeling it. Today is a bit like that. I'm smiling and it's not reaching anywhere. I'm doing it because - well, what's the alternative, ya know? The weekend is over and a great one it was as are most weekends, but tonight, my heart is riding a bit on the heavy side.

Oh, this little girl is the love of my life and damn it - what if I'm doing this all wrong and where do "I" fit into this? Is there such thing as "me" and a "her"?. If it ever came down to choosing - it will always be her and her only, but is that the only way it can be? Is there really such a thing as balance?
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