Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wrong Side?

When your kid wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, even if you haven't, it makes for one irritating and frustrating morning and it gets you started off on the wrong note just as well as if it were you who woke up that way. Then while you're trying not to lose your head on your doesn't know better kid, the mommy guilt rears its ugly little head taunting you and mocking you for being a crap parent, "she's only two for crying out loud", says it while that same two year old is hollering, "no no I dun want!" from the backseat of your car as I try my damnedest not to turn the car around to go back home and have myself a do-over. Is it really only 8:30 in the morning?!?

To soften it, here's the current monster baby in near pony tails. I love her slightly curled, super fine hair that just lightly coats the back of her neck - that I love to nuzzle when she's not trying to make me crazy

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