Monday, July 19, 2010

Hamptons Recap

Was it all fun and full of sunshiny smiles? Well, no. BUT it was a nice change of pace for the most part. Leave it to my brother in law to rent a house far too large to find anyone. You can't yell from across a room down the hall like I can when I'm home. "HONEY! I NEED THE BABY'S TOWEL!". Nope. All the response I would get in return would probably be my own voice echoing back "honey-ey-ey, i-i-i need-eed-eed the-uh-uh baby-by-by's tow-tow-el-el" and I doubt anyone would have heard from downstairs. Hm, I should have tried it out. She also clung to me like a life line any time I put her down for any reason the entire weekend. I had to bring the carseat into the house so that I could take it into the bathroom with me for her to sit in it while I go pee and she'd still cry. I think she did all her crying there to last her for some time. It was as exhausting as it was nice. Before the trip, I was super anxious because I didn't know what her first time away from home would be like, and while it didn't warrant so much of the anxiety, it definitely isn't something I would want to do again too soon. I wanted to take some more photos of the house because if you can find a quiet moment alone, it's actually pretty amazing. The house itself and the view surrounding the house is absolutely breathtaking if you can sit back and take it all in. I was a little disappointed because I didn't think I would find that window of quiet time, but luckily, I had a few moments to myself last night once she went to bed. The house has 2 media rooms, 7 bedrooms including one gigantor master suite and one slightly less gigantor (second?) suite, a ton of bathrooms all over the house, a tennis court, a playground, a putting area out front (who thought of that???), a full sized pool, and a bar. A BAR bar. Oh, the basement was full of all sorts of fun stuffs that we didn't get to play with. My brother in law rocks! Only he would think to rent out a bed and breakfast for the summer. Go figure. Crazy. We love you. Thank you.

This is literally just HALF the house

Have you ever seen this before? That's what you drive up to. I'm not much a golfer, but how COOL is that???

There's Hunter with mommy!

Here are some photos of Hunter and Leah in better spirits. Hunter would only cry when Leah would start crying. Laughter is contagious, but wow, so is sobbing.

Hunter: "Cheese!"

Leah: "Move over Hunter... He's my daddy"

Silly babies

She did love being in the pool. I'd have to say the pool was the best part of the weekend. I still find it amazing that babies have a natural ability to swim. Any time she's in the pool, you see her kicking.

"kick kick; kick kick"

There's Hunter in his little police cruiser

"Mommy, I tireds now"

Home is still truly the best place to be.

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