Saturday, July 10, 2010


It was her 6th month appointment with the doctor, which meant needles and tears. You would think it gets easier at each appointment, but it doesn't. Not for her. Not for me. An ouchie on each of her little legs. Good news is, after her 6th month, she doesn't have to see him again until September.

But once we were home, she was her happy little self again. Well, for the most part. Here she was getting a little angry because the ball wouldn't fit into her mouth?

So we moved on over to the playmat, and while I went to grab something to eat, she somehow got tangled in there:

Next was her Bumbo. It's broke-ed. Well, the chair is fine obviously, but she somehow pulled the tray off its stand, and was pretty intent on trying to get that in her mouth somehow:

And the reason why she has different outfits on in different pictures all in a day? She drools. I don't just mean a spittle or two. I mean her entire front gets soaked through kind of drooling where for a trip out for an hour or two, I pack with me at least two dry onesies and generally use them both wishing I'd brought an extra. Why don't I use a bib? I do. All 10-15 of them per day.