Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Complain Complain Complain

Due to some recent complaints, here's an update. Ya happy now?! I have less and less time to do things around the house. Her recent achievements? She crabwalks holding onto furniture, she's learned to sit back down on her own from a standing position, she still blows spit bubbles (just bigger ones than before), she has figured out how to climb onto the couch (which scares the jeebus out of me), climbs onto the dishwasher to pull out all my clean utensils to play with, refuses to let me cut her fingernails and sleeps now with her butt in the air.

(There's no light in her room, and she fell asleep this way while we were playing on the floor so I didn't want to quite wake her, but I just couldn't resist taking this picture)

"OOOOOH, new toys, mommy!"

She has crazy (-er) hair now that I really don't know what to do with anymore...

I have to lock her in with my legs to cut her fingernails while she screams bloody murder all the while...

Her attempts of trying to climb the couch again. The first time I found her on the couch, I freaked. I'd turned around only long enough to stick her bottle in the warmer when I saw her continuing to climb further up the back of the couch. That would have been a long drop to the floor. No fear, this one. (that little butt behind her belongs to Hunter)

And these, my friend, are my favorite new thing. Baby Uggs! In PINK, no less. I heart them. No more losing socks!

I say this often, and it's so true. Time flies. I turn around and she is finding herself a new trick, a new something that makes my heart stop briefly and my stomach catches in my throat, and I know in my heart that the fear is a permanent emotion etched in. I will have that fear for the rest of my life that something will hurt her if I am not there to protect her from whatever those things are. While my main concern for the time being is that she will hurt herself falling or banging into a chair at nearly 10 months old, that same fear that makes me want to hide her away from everything bad will eventually grow as she does. As she grows to be a kid running around in the playground, as she grows to be a child in school, a teenager moving onto college and forward. That fierce need to protect her will always be there. It will be a lesson to learn for me as much, if not more, than it will be for her. Being afraid to let go while still needing to do so, but for the moment, I love the right now. Fear and all. I now understand why adults repeatedly preach "enjoy it for what it is while it lasts". It really is all in a moment.
*Question, what are you going to be for Halloween???*


  1. Omg... you bought her UGG's?! She's not even 1 yet! They're cute, though :)

  2. Oh, and she sleeps like me. Genetics.

  3. my favorite parts of the sleeping picture are her cutesy little feet!!

  4. LOL you've done it!!! the UGGS~~~~~~