Monday, October 11, 2010


So I just stumbled upon some people following and my unknowingly follower-ing said people on Gmail. I can't even say I speak to any of these people in life so I do not know what they are doing (or were doing anyway - since I figured out how to delete them) on my follower-ing list. Can someone tell me why they update it with people you don't really care for without your knowledge? Is it because you may have been included in some mass email? I see the option of turning it (they call it Buzz) off. It's not so much that it bothers me ...just that... if I miss you and am curious as to what you're doing with your life, I will ask you. I do not need it constantly updating on my email page, right? Well on the flip side, I guess it saves lazy folks like myself the trouble of asking how you are if I can just read up on it randomly. Shrug. A bit like keeping a blog, yes? Technology makes people contact so impersonal. I'm (very) guilty of it. I just don't like having to see updates for people I don't, uhm, know. I have a hard enough time catching up with my real life friends and their lives. I don't care that some chick named "ABC" is eating at the "123 restaurant" for the gazillionth time. Thanks Google. No photos today. I'm lazy.


  1. can you post some recent pics? I'm having Leah withdrawal