Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here, Fishy Fishies!

Uhm, why are there birds at an aquariam? Nevertheless, it was a nice way to spend a day. Quite far, and Atlantis out in Riverhead seemed much smaller today than I remembered it to be, but it was a beautiful day so no complaints here.

Boss Baby has ZERO interest in anything except the blue lights in the tanks. Z-E-R-O interest, I tell ya.

I happen to heart heart HEART sealions. Like, wanna bring 'em home with me and play kind of heart. Leah? Not so much. Not just yet. She will. I will make sure she will grow to love them *cackle*. Although, it may backfire one day should she throw a tantrum that she wants to take one home to keep

We made it just on time to watch the sealion show. Her (the sealion) name is Bunker. Obviously, Little has no interest in them so it was really for me. I think they're the coolest. *Nerd. Me. I. Know*

Family Fun Day Photo! Here, we (namely, husband) were trying to get the funny looking spider-like tripod to work when this nice lady saw husband fiddling with his doo-hickey, and offered to take a picture of us, for us. Thank you, nice lady with the really cute baby. Oh, and that lady on the left corner who got stuck in the shot? Yep, that's nice lady's mom.

"ooooh, bright lightsssss"

Can you tell she has no interest in anything else? She doesn't care. She just wants to see the lights.

By this point, we gave up on taking human form pictures. So here are some other creatures to entertain you with. I don't blame you if you don't finish this post. There's really nothing else. No cutesy wootsy pictures of the Little. No cutesy wootsy stories to tell. She was just tired and uncooperative.

And, here. Does that look out of place to you or is it just me? Really, what's with the birds? Oddity.

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