Saturday, October 30, 2010

Help Please

Okay, so we got the proofs back from the studio. We get to frame a 11x14 crystal photo. These are 4 of my favorites, but I can't choose. Opinions are appreciated! The first one is her almost smiling face. The two cow photos, I just love that big "O" face, and the fat giraffe, I couldn't leave him out. The last one is her actually smiling and there wasn't much of it going on that day. I don't know... The purpose of this session was to get Leah and Mina to take a loving picture together, but that was wishful thinking because they weren't cooperating. AT ALL. What I mean to say is, there isn't a single picture of them where one, the other or both aren't crying. Not a one...
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  1. The big "O" face, pwease. That's my favorite one hands down.