Monday, October 4, 2010

Here We Are!

Good glory, such planning needed even for a day trip an hour away with Littles, but with it all, we made it and had a fabulous time at Bear Mountain. The weather could not have been better for a day at a park. It's hard to believe we are already in October. The end of summer marks the beginning of Fall, and for New York, the Fall weather is usually very short lived, but my list of things to do with Little is slowly, but surely, getting crossed off and that makes me happy. We were at Bear Mountain about the same time last year before Little met the World and promised we would make the trip with her. It looks like this may turn out to be an annual family trip every Fall and that also makes me happy.

Just to show how drastically and quickly life changes, these were taken at Bear Mountain last October. A very pregnant me with the Husband. I think that may have been the last 'trip' we took as a couple before Little. 

Doesn't husband look so smug holding that jug of beer? Almost... taunting.

While I couldn't have any myself at the time, there weren't any warning labels that prevented me from borrowing the jug from Husband to take a picture with. Also, that bag of kettle corn is by FAR the best I've ever had.

I believe this is where Husband promised me that we would come back when we had the baby and he would buy me my own jug of big people soda (he kept his promise)
Anyway, it went from that above.... this below


We are now all mommies and daddies and some of us are expecting our own Littles in the very near future, and ya know what, I love this life. I wouldn't trade it for all the riches of the World. This life I love? Yes, with it are the frustrations of trying to keep the babies in place to take one stinking group photo together; of having to shush and rock them because they missed their naps and are bawling their little eyes out; it's having to walk the entire stretch of knick knacks sold along the lakeside carrying a sleeping baby and balancing 7 bratwursts in a box on my hip on the walk back to where we set up 'camp'; it's having to load and unload the stroller a dozen times or more for bottles, diapers, binkies, toys, snacks, blankets, socks, and more. It's perfect because it isn't. I don't want the robotic baby who doesn't try to knock everything over that's in her sight, or one that doesn't tug on grass and stick dirt in his mouth, or one that doesn't run around stealing sneakers and moving them where you can't reach it. Our imperfect little ones that make us laugh and cry, scream and whisper, cringe and snuggle are actually, just perfect. Today, really, was just that. I'm tired, my back and shoulders are screaming, my feet burn and I can sincerely say today was absolutely perfect. Who would have thunk it? Have a great week, folkers!

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  1. ...hmmmm.... it was $2 cheaper for beer last year...