Monday, April 16, 2012

Perfect Days

They are what you make them out to be, yes? She gets cranky, I get frustrated, she laughs, I laugh, she cries, my eyes roll, she plays and I kiss her endlessly. That is our days most days. Today was a day full of errands and shopping. Nothing out of an ordinary day on a weekend, but as long as some days feel and I won't deny it - I count down to her nap and bedtimes rather often - I pause just as often throughout our day to stare at her to simply watch and feel my heart inflate. It reminds me just how lucky I am. I get to complain about how tired I am fussing and chasing after her, how aggravating her tantrums are, how annoyed I get because she just will not stop talking and sometimes it prevents me from thinking straight. I'm lucky that she's such a happy (mostly), healthy, well-rounded kid. She has opinions and thoughts of her own where her individuality gleams through - which makes me extremely proud and also super duper freaking irritated. I'm lucky because I have all of it to say "this is all worth it".

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