Monday, April 23, 2012


To put the munch to sleep - I lay with her in her bed until she dozes. I know that a lot of parents aren't for that and it's a toss up of baby-ing my girl and not letting her learn to sleep on her own vs the teaching to sleep on her own. Guess what? She still has a night-time pacifier. Go ahead - judge away. The reality is that if she were to be my last one - I can say I milked her baby-hood to every last delicious drop. That isn't to say I don't play disciplinarian. I play the part well. Enough to raise my parents' eyebrows that translates to "Val - she's only two; take it easy". But to say I do spoil her in other ways - it's the truth. And you know what? I've heard over and over - you'll spoil her too much and she'll never be independent. It's a crock of well - crap, because my girl is an explorer. She is extremely bullheaded and strong and opinionated. All good and bad depending on what side of that you're on. Once she's asleep, she's fine all night and she's been a phenomenal sleeper even at a very early stage so it just never was my case of having night time clinging issues. Or at least not many of them. I also strongly believe that kids are born from birth with their own natural make up of who they are individually and it's up to us, the parents, to strengthen and nurture what they are. This isn't a debate. It's what works for me. If what works for you is to let your little guy or girl cry it out to teach them their independence - and it works for you - that's the right way because it works. It doesn't for me. It's not wrong. My way is just different. It works for me because I lay with her at nights and she turns to me and says in the sweetest way that only a baby is capable of, "mommy good night" and kisses me a half a dozen times before she slowly drifts off to dream about her angels and friends from daycare (she calls out their names and laughs in her sleep sometimes - which is a whole other post). And if that's called spoiling - then that's what it is because this isn't something I can or am willing to trade.

This is what I caught her doing the other day - she's kissing herself in the mirror. Hahaha. Oh baby... How vain you are.

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