Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Fun Stuffs

Happy 30th Birthday to Ms. L. Good times with a dozen (almost) women (okay 9 women, and the two men who may as well be women). Lots of food, drinks and laughs. Ever stick a grown woman in a child's carseat? I can now say I have. I can comfortably fit 3 - barely - (not including the driver) in my car. So where does the 4th go? Into the carseat, of course! We drove something like 40 blocks with a grown a$$ woman in a child's seat. Try it. It's loads of fun. You know what else I noticed amidst all the fun stuff? Women are very much territorial. Just a feeling I got. I think it's referred to as catty. Even amongst a group of women who have all known eachother for something like a decade or more. Granted, not all close, but still - a decade is a decade. Does it bother me? Not at all. It's not exactly news, but it was a little surprising to take note of, I suppose - although I haven't quite figured out the why. In short? I most definitely had better than just a great time, and I would have been terribly sorry if I couldn't have made it. Especially the big person in little person seat thing. Gah. I really need to try to get out more often. I don't know why I don't. Oh wait, I do. JELLYBEAN! Is it odd that even the very few times I do go out, I miss and worry about her? Is that weird? It's been 16 months. I hear most mamas are happy to leave their Littles to grab some "me time" by the time their babies are a year old, but I'm still not feeling that way. I never thought this would be me. Huh.

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