Monday, May 9, 2011


I live for days like this

But after all the fun, I thought I was going to explode on the way home. How do mommies pee when they're out with their little ones alone? Personally, I hold it. I also try not to drink so much water while I'm out because I'm well aware that it will probably drown me inside out. The only use for a public restroom for me is to change Jellybean. If said public restroom lacks a changing table, which is the case more often than I would like, it's of no use to me. I've learned to change diapers with Jellybean standing up, laying down on her back or on her belly. I prefer that she lay still on her back obviously, but babies don't much care about what you want, do they? Now really, how do mommies pee?

*** Also, I got a new toy. Look what it can do??

Great. I just publicly embarrassed myself all in the name of humor in all my sleep deprived glory. I am hardly one to snap pictures of myself. I generally shy away from the camera unless Jellybean is in it with me, but I love warpy pictures and I. Just. Couldn't. Help. It. Super awesome. Technology rocks. I need sleep. This is sad.

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  1. Those pictures are totally creeping me out. Awesome!

  2. @Brenna I can totally pass off as an alien

  3. you don't like pictures? but you're so pretty... and so is your jellybean :)

  4. @Angela Aw! I am so totally gushing. You're my new best friend. :)