Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mommy Day

It is my second mother's day. For my first, I wanted to make a big deal of it, and I was upset for most of the day. There is only one FIRST mother's day. EVER. And so I spent a good part of that week disappointed and annoyed and resentful because noone seemed to understand that it was to be my day as well, and it was dedicated solely to my mother in law from what to buy, what to do, where to go, what to eat. I was not happy. In fact, I was in tears over it. Not because we were doing it for her, but because it wasn't being done for me. Fast forward to a year later - I don't really care. Maybe it's because my expectations were higher in the past and it didn't quite turn out to be what I imagined it would be (except now all that seems downright ridiculous - what had I been imagining? a horse, a carriage and a crown?), maybe it has something to do with that I'm just really okay with NOT doing anything at all because quite frankly, I'm tired anyway, but honestly I think the difference is - the realization that it's a hallmark holiday. We don't do Valentine's Day, and we've never done much of the anniversary part either. Our tradition just turned those days into KFC day. No, really, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Twice a year. Valentine's Day and Anniversary. As far as expectations on Mother's Day, I don't have any because really, jellybean is 16 months old. It's her day everyday. Two, where my husband is concerned, I'm not his mom. I know many women would disagree with me on this, because yes, we should be appreciated for the things we do, we want to be acknowledged, we want to have some peace and quiet and please can we just sleep in for 15 more minutes - yes, we all deserve it without question, but at the end of the day, it really is just another day. And did I mention I'm tired anyway? I don't want to fight for a seat at some restaurant to eat a pre-fixed menu (what if I don't want mango chutney on my fish and why is my fish the size of a half dollar coin? Now I have to cajole my husband into picking up fried chicken on the way home after dinner - wonderful) or to fight through traffic and parking to get there. I am happy to spend it like it's another day because it is. I can label any day anything I want to call it, but the reality is, it's a day. I'd much rather forego the whole labeling and just be appreciated and acknowledged the rest of the year for being a mommy. This year, Husband asked what I wanted to do, and I replied "KFC please". Now we get a fried chicken dinner in a bucket thrice a year! I am spending my weekend doing this, and really, what more is there?

With all that said, however, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. Not ONLY because it's mother's day, but because mommies are awesome. All. The. Time.

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  1. Your KFC ritual reminds me of us because this year we went to the same casual BBQ joint on our Anniversary and Valentine's Day because A: They're great with kids and B: IT'S DELICIOUS and because last night when my husband asked me what I wanted for dinner, I almost said, "BBQ!!"

    Also, if you wear a crown and arrive in a horse drawn buggy, I won't judge you. :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you!
    Every day should be mother's day!

  2. @The New Mom on the Blog everything else is just too much effort! i'm tired. always tired. i think it's a rite of passage for all mamas. i will be tired for the rest of my life. happily, yes, but still tired. and I love fried chicken. Happy Mother's Day!