Saturday, May 21, 2011

It Isn't Easy Being Baby!

Her first reaction as she threw apples and juice all over everything and everywhere:

Her reaction when she realized mommy wasn't finding any of it amusing.

Of course, now I have to smile because she just looks too sad otherwise. So off I go to clean off all the juice and apple particles off the floor, my ipad, her highchair, the wall, her hair, clothes and everything else in between with a smile on my face because while my initial reaction was pure shock followed by frustration, it can't be easy being a kid of an OCD mama. Besides, I am the idiot that gave it to her to eat and thought it would be okay to look away for 13 seconds. What did I think was going to happen? It does look fun, doesn't it? Rain, can you stop? You're making me crazy.


  1. yeah, it's not easy being a kid with an ocd mom. i know from experience lol :P

  2. @Jenny it's not as severe as mom's! I swear! I would be considered a slob in comparison...