Thursday, February 18, 2010

5-Hour Wonder

For a baby shy of two months, Squirmy does not sleep (much). During the day that is. Well, it's what the husband calls "cat naps" or "power naps". She'll sleep anywhere from 10 minutes to up to an hour. An hour and a half if she's really tired and stay up for up to 4 hour stretches. They say babies between the age of 0-3 months sleep about 16-20 hours a day except to feed so when asked, I always answered that it was probably between 16-18 hours. Then a few days ago, I started to track it. She sleeps an average of 13 hours -/+ in total of broken sleep and most of that is at night. While I should be ecstatic because she sleeps well throughout the night (sorta?), it also seemed strange. Then starting two nights ago, I would give her, her "last bottle" of the night some time between 9-10 PM. I would wait for her to stir around 12-1AM because she feeds every 3-4 hours, right? Not a peep and eventually, I guess I fall asleep. I startle myself awake, and it's somewhere around 3am! She hasn't eaten in over 5 hours so I peer over into her bassinet and she is sound asleep. Can this be real? I've slept a straight 3 hours?! Just last week, I was complaining to someone - I don't remember who, but if you're reading this, thank you for letting me blow off tired steam - that we hit a rough patch because I couldn't put her down to sleep 3 straight nights. Starting the weekend, she seemed not to mind being put into her bassinet at night (she still won't take any naps in there during the day) and would sleep until she got hungry, eat, get changed and go right back to sleep. Then the last two days, she just slept right through, and I'm only giving her one bottle at night between 3AM and 4AM until morning! This is the most exciting news of my life currently. I just paid to download an e-book from the internet on how-to-get-baby-to-sleep-nights over the weekend. What a waste. They said money back guarantee. I think I'll go collect. If anyone wants a print-out of it, let me know before I ask for my $9 refund back! On the downside, my days are spent dealing with this binky business.............................

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