Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Okay, so I was sure I would not give my baby a binky. I made sure that it did not go on my registry and that noone bought Leah one because a) it was going to be a pain weaning her off when she's older and b) it does not so great things for her otherwise would-be straight teeth she'll eventually grow in if she is not weaned off early enough. The baby comes and less than two weeks later, I'm frantic for a binky because she just constantly wants to suck on something and it wasn't going to be me forever or a bottle. It also turns out having a binky in her mouth at night brings down the risk of SIDS which is a relief because it is a HUGE concern for all mommies. It was/is for me in that I still get up every hour or so to make sure she is breathing (although if she could speak, she'd tell you that she is NOT a fan of me sticking my finger below her nose to feel for warm breath while she is happily sleeping).

Anyway, to make a point, this is the best thing created next to toilet paper! Baby cries, stick a binky in her mouth and she's happy again. It's like having a mute button!

Baby with binky is a happy baby

Baby who can't keep binky in her mouth however....

And, of course, because she still has not completely figured out how to keep the thing in her mouth, a good chunk of my day is spent... doing this.

The end result is definitely worth it. My sleepy squirmy.

**Off topic, I'm new to this thing so if I ended up sending you a bunch of emails reminding you to join some blogger thing, I sorries. I'm still trying to figure out some of these settings**


  1. awww~ Seriously, her outfits are just too much!!! I love, love it!! pink sockies to match! Cutie!

  2. Amy dear, her socks are brown... ?

  3. I love this site! thanks for sharing. I'll come and visit often. Hope you update us with lots of pictures and stories! :)

  4. WOW Amy!!! VALLLL~~~~ She's SOOOO CUTE! *heart melting*!