Friday, February 5, 2010

Crappy. Crappy. Crappy.

She's a doll asleep and she's a doll most of the time (or was?). She's a monster baby when she's unhappy about something and I can't figure out what it is (or when she has gas). Squirmy woke up in a crappy mood, and made sure I was as miserable as she was. It lasted about 5 hours this morning while I was trying to make it on time to my 3 o'clock doctor's appointment. Needless to say, I was late. I kept her out for the better part of the late afternoon and evening. Had lunch at the mall, shopped a bit, walked around, drove around and she was perfectly happy dandy. She slept in her car seat after we got home for another hour even. Then crappy mood squirmy returns. I love, LOVE, being a mommy. I just don't love everything about it all of the time. I'm allowed to be in a crapper mood, too! Anyway, looking and loading good mood squirmy photos to make myself feel better while monster baby is with her daddy so I can take a short break. Thought I'd share. (And just for you Ed, I had Chris take photos of both tired mommy and baby).

With Auntie Liana...

With Auntie Lila...

All dressed and ready to go out to play with mommy!

... but ... (yawn!) so tired ...

Home sweet home after a long day of running errands with mommy...

There's really only so much of mommy chewing on baby's cheeks she can handle... (Sorry, honey).

With daddy, after chugalugging down her last bottle (do all babies bend backwards that way when you try to burp them??? - and seriously, look at that belly!)

And this...... is how most (quiet) nights end

(yes, I realize it's sideways and I'm not looking to fix it)
Tonight, however.......................
She's in such a mood that she just peed on daddy. Yeap, seriously....


  1. Finally some pictures of you and Leah!! Love it :) She is too much~

    The pic of Liana and Leah is adorable!!! I want to see her smile like that!