Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 5

**Hubs bought a different lens specifically made so that clear photos can be taken in low light without the flash bothering Leah's eyes, and maybe I just don't know how to properly use/configure it, but some of the photos used with the lens came out blotchy and blurry so I had to use the other one and of course, the blotchy blurry ones are the cuter photos. Drats... Sorry, honey**

I finally got the pickysticky in the mail! While we are off by a week (exactly a week), my friend points out that it's close enough to her first month to take a picture with it on. So what if we're off by a week? This is the cutest thing for all new mommies. It has stickers from month 0 to month 12 to take a photo of your baby every month to see how much s/he has grown in a year's time (and it's just a sticker so you get to use that onesie again until baby grows out of it).

Leah, however, wasn't completely sold on the idea as you can see

A little better here

And with pants on, she seems a bit more tolerant of her trigger finger crazy mommy. Maybe she was just cold

(Sorry, baby, mommy doesn't think you're very photogenic today.) She came out looking chunkier than she actually is. Like she needs it exaggerated any... Still the cutest baby ever (so we think! - isn't yours to you??)

But squirmy's definitely got rolls happening now...


  1. Look at her toes!!! Loving it ;)

  2. why can't she open her eyes like that when I'm there?!?