Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bath and Poop

Any time I give Squirmy one of these (and no, I do not use dishwashing detergent to wash my baby. It just happened to get stuck in the view of the camera)....
(She gets these bumpy things on her face when I keep her hands out of the mitts because she scrapes the heck out of her face!)

it is almost a guarantee that she will poop within the next hour. So what do I do? I give her a bath later than the time I normally do. She poops later. She wets her diaper, I clean and change her, and again, she poops right when I'm changing her or literally, right after I've stuck on a nice clean diaper over her bum. It never fails. What is it with babies - maybe it's just Squirmy? - but why always poop when you're all nice and clean? It's funny - most of the time. Then I get this

look and all I can do is shake my head, laugh and do the cleaning, wiping, changing thing all over again. She has also recently discovered that she has fingers that she can eat and cute (I think) as it is, it makes her fingers really stinky. Her coordination is still a bit off so sometimes she misses her mouth and sticks them up her nose instead and gets mad at me. This

also is generally what she does AFTER a bath for whatever reason. I think she does it on purpose to stick it to mommy. She is not what you would call an economically friendly child....


  1. She looks so cute!!!

  2. Aww~ The bath pic is way too cute! The 2nd pic totally had me laughing!