Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy baby turned into one very angry one. She cried. Really loudly. Everything seemed to stop and all attention was on us. I was pretty sure. As I attempted to walk out with her, our Deacon called me on it. Literally. Maybe 12 steps to the door with crying baby in my arms (as if that wasn't creating enough attention!), I hear "Valerie, your names are going to be called in a minute. Don't leave". In front of the entire congregation of maybe 200(?) people over a microphone so that not a person missed it! THE. ENTIRE. CONGREGATION. It was quite a bit embarassing, but she deserves some credit. It took almost 3 hours. I couldn't blame her. It also broke the ice for everyone so it was just as funny, but oh-so-embarrassing.

It was a big day for both of us. A blessed one. Embarrassing, yes, but I would change nothing about it. Happy Easter~!

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