Tuesday, April 20, 2010

She's a GIRL, Stewpid!

Every so often, I get the "awwww, is it a girl or a boy"? To be fair, she looks like a girl to me, but maybe it's not so obvious to others. However, she is almost always in pink or in a dress for people to be able to tell that she IS indeed a GIRRRRRL and I have only been asked this when she is in her PINK onesie or dress covered in her PINK blanket. Are you stewpid or just stewpid? I've been asked this about 4 times since she was born all in the last month or so. I'll be nice; the first month, maybe up to even the first two months, it's hard to tell babies apart unless they're your own, but when I see that a baby is wearing a pink hat, and is covered under a pink blankie? Common sense tells me that the child is female and even if I couldn't tell, I wouldn't dare ask out of fear of offending the proud new mommy. So tell me, is she dressed even remotely like a BOY?!?! I did say I try to be nicer now than I was pre-Leah so while in my head I'm screaming "No, he's a boy. I just enjoy dressing up little boys in dresses so he can have a complex later in life, ya stinkin dingbat!". Instead, I politely smile and reply, "she's a girl".

So now I put pins in her hair. If someone asks me again if she's a boy or a girl, I still won't be verbally nasty (as tempting as it will be to tell you how dumb you are?), but I will point to the PINK hair pin on her head and walk away because if you can't tell if a baby with a pin in her hair is a boy or a girl, you're just not bright enough to have a conversation with and I don't have the time to waste being annoyed with you *rolling eyes* and *rolling eyes again*. That's partially the reason why I am obsessed with the color pink. Partially.

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  1. dummies... she doesn't even look like a boy!