Monday, April 19, 2010

Playdates and Birthdays

It was hub's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and how did we celebrate? By having a bunch of babies come over. Yes, this is what it is now. No fancy dinners, no romantical nights out, no great tasting wines. Just babies.

This is Ryan. He was sleeping when mommy brought him over to play. Had a nice long nappy on my Squirmy's crib:

This is Ryan sleepy-no-more!:

"Man, I'm so cool":

Momma Jean with Baby Hunter. Momma Julia with Big Boy Ryan eating my letter mat. I think that's an "O" he has in his mouth:

Hunter and Leah are still just too little to know what's going on. Or do they??:

That's what it must feel like to have two kids:

The kids all slept through different times. My little one was down for the night before 5PM hit and Hunter was in and out of sleep randomly so it wasn't much of a playdate for the little ones but the adults sure ate well! And Ryan had the place all to himself without the tiny blobbers just laying there getting in the way:

Happy Birthday, Hubs!:

We missed you, Brian! Hope you are feeling better so you can come over and play soon!


  1. happy birthday, chris!!!!!!! i miss you guys!