Friday, April 16, 2010

No More Sleepyhead!

Yes, I have been slacking in the blogging area. She's 4 months in a week and she changes enough that even I notice the differences in her without being apart from her. Her most recent accomplishment? Yelling. Really loudly. She lays on her playmat and yells at the little hangy toys. I'm sure she's saying something, and I honestly wish that I could understand why and what she is yelling. I do wonder what is going through her little head when she's yelling at them. Like my friend said, maybe she's saying "Stop hanging around doing nothing!". Or maybe she's saying "Why aren't you saying anything!". Or maybe it just annoys her that they dangle. I haven't a clue, but it's one of the funniest things to watch.... (I have to learn to load up a video on this thing. This photo does no justice).

For the hub's birthday dinner with the family, we went to Sammy's in City Island. If you've ever been there, they're as kid friendly as the crummy old Chucky Cheese's with MUCH better food and neon lights overload all over the place. She was infatuated. She stayed up while we had dinner, chattering away by herself in her stroller. Her bedtime is usually anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30. 8 o'clock at the latest, but because we had dinner on a Monday night after everyone gets off work, her bedtime was pushed back to close to 10:30. That was this past Monday. That night, she slept for the longest time through the morning. The neon lights wore her out. Since Tuesday night, however, until last night, not so much. We screwed up her nightly schedule and I am being beckoned at least twice. Remember, she's learning to yell? Yeah. So we are starting this sleep training thing all over again. Right, because I don't really sleep anyway? Now I just sleep less which is to say I no longer sleep. It's wonderful. Really. It is. So it goes something like this: bath time, bottle, book, sleep, baby sleeps about 2 hours, wakes up, baby goes back to sleep another 4 hours, wakes up and this is where mommy is dozing half hanging off the side of the crib at the crack of whatever time it is (there is obviously no photo of this, but it would be a rather funny photo to say the least). Her bath times are usually of a very happy and smiley baby. The last couple of days? Not so much because she knows sleepytime follows bathtime.

Almost there!

Sike, mummy! I no sleepies anymore.

While it sounds like I'm doing a whole lot of complaining? That below (as ugly a picture as it is) is the BESTEST part of my morning. Truly. On her normal schedule, she wakes up around 6 or 7am. That, for a person who fell asleep only a couple of hours before, may as well be the crack of dawn so I scoop her up and bring her into bed with me, and there she sleeps for another 2 hours cuddled in my side. There is not a thing I love more than that right there (I woke up to the clicking of the cammy that morning - I guess hub thought it would make for a funny photo).

Tonight, she fell asleep on her own. I sat outside her door while she yelled. The kind where there are no tears to be found, but she wants to be heard? I was planning on going in once she started to whimper and cry which usually follows after a prolonged yelling episode. I do not like to let her cry if I can help it. She doesn't generally cry much. When she's hungry, when something hurts and she whimpers quite a bit when she gets sleepy or left alone too long. I'd like to keep it that way because that just means she's being properly taken care of. She learned to sleep 13 hours uninterrupted without my having to leave her to cry herself to sleep. (I do not agree with letting a baby cry it out alone - Shove it, Ferber!). So I grabbed my phone and curled myself up into the edge of her door listening for her and waited... and waited... and waited. *Silence* She fell asleep on her own for the first time in two nights. *Fingers Crossed* I hope it means she's coming back to her normal self and her normal schedule again because I.NEED.TO.SLEEP.

**Side note and COMPLETELY off topic? I am on a mission to find a bumper sticker(s)**
All very cool, but I want mine to read "Psycho Mom". Yes.


  1. "I exist solely to embarrass my kids in front of their friends."

    don't do that, val...