Monday, April 5, 2010


The weather is warming up nicely. This time last year, I honestly cannot remember what I was doing. Hub was probably golfing, doing some fishing, but me? I don't remember. I guess my friend's daughter was about a month old and I was freaking out because I was probably just finding out that I was going to be (*GASP!*) a mom?!?. Now a little over a year later, my friend's daughter is throwing things, walking, falling down stairs, eating dirt and grass at the park and my little one is babbling, grabbing things and drooling more than ever. Where did all that time go? I don't miss it because that would mean Leah would not be here now, but it's hard to grasp how fast time flies and I wish I can slow it down just a little. It's already been a 100 days for her....
It went from
(by the way, that teeny little boy on the bottom? Ryan. He is nowhere near that size at 7 months now!)

to this


My silly little Squirmy.

I suppose the brighter side to time ticking, everyone is now a mommy or a daddy. (Well, almost. We have some lazy people that we are all still waiting on. Tick! Tock!) Here are some of the yummiest babies! Meet...


Luke (I so totally LOVE that face!)

Lukey again


Hunter (Can't beat that scowl!)

There are definitely more babies, every single one of them just as edible, but we are lacking photos here. Please forward some updated photos of the little guys please! Thankyouverymuch!

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