Thursday, April 8, 2010


Two days in a row we had playdates! It's pretty awesome to know moms with babies about the same age. Hunter was pretty chipper most of the day but cried the entire way home (yesterday). We had to stop at every other exit to rock him, calm him, drive, Hunter: "SCREAM", repeat. I don't think Mama Jean is going to be bringing him out again any time soon. Boo.

Bryan just slept the entire day (today). Literally. We were getting in the car to head home when he half woke up, looked at me and found me so absolutely interesting that he went right back to sleep without missing a beat. Boo again. That's one pricey baby to spend any awake time with.

Leah kept pinching Hunter. I think she thinks he's cute. He didn't seem to mind.

She was pretty content in her own space with Sophie just as well.

I think Hunter liked being with mommy better anyway.

Bryan: "zzzzzz....." *fidget fidget* "zzzzzz...."

Leah: "Mummy, all he does is sleep...."


  1. Play dates already! How much she has grown... I heart Leah!

  2. omg look at that face!! so chubby and adorable.