Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy 4 Months, Squirmy!

She is four months today! I cannot believe how quickly time flies. It really feels as though it were much longer ago that my water broke and Chris was getting a little antsy and asking "Are you sure we have time for a shower??? Shouldn't we be rushing to the hospital like, right now???" Tee hee. Yes, my water broke, I took a shower, packed the remainder of my bag, even thought to pack some granola bars so hubs wouldn't be hungry while leaning up on a wall between contractions. Thinking back, I'm not sure it was all completely real to me at the time. In any event, Squirmy's developmental milestones? Let's see, in 4 months she has learned to yell, really loudly. She rolled over for the first time yesterday. She is starting to understand that when she reaches out, she can grab things. She's discovered her fingers, thinks they are meant to be eaten and chomps on them all day. She communicates her likes and dislikes in her own way with whines, grunts, and squeals instead of just crying. She laughs real laughs. Giggly ones and I want to bite her every time she does it. She spins. In circles. She does this reverse "C" with her body and kicks really hard sending her spinning in circles. She is beginning to nap (I think). When I walk into her nursery once she's awake, she gives me this big toothless smile that makes me melt every time.

She made a new friend today. This is her babbling at Pooh Bear.

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  1. Happy 4 months Leah!!! I seriously can't believe it has been 4 months, and all of her accomplishments! It seriously feels like yesterday when we saw newborn Leah at the hospital.